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I need pictures. I need video. I need an “infographic.” John Boitnott

Something a Little More

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After reading Adam Singer’s (@AdamSinger) valuable interview with John Boitnott (@jboitnott) at The Future Buzz, I decided that I needed to expand on one of John’s thoughts as it applies to you and your hunting business marketing.

I recommend you read the entire interview – Social Media And Web Publishing: Interview With John Boitnott.

Check it out and then stop back to see my expanded thoughts.

Here is John’s thought I’d like to expand on:

Is there something more than just writing to your post? I need pictures. I need video. I need an “infographic.” So does the public.  Look at this – people love those things.

The key part I noticed from this thought are “…something a little more than just your post.”

In the post 8 Little Details That Make Big Differences on Hunting Websites I gave examples of how hunting businesses are doing little things to make their sites stand out from the noise on the Web in order to gain attention and customers.

Let’s take a look at a few more ways you can do “something a little more” with your hunting business on the Web to gain the attention of hunters.

Images, Graphics, and Photos

If you have read one or two posts on this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I like to use photos in every post. I think they add some visual interest to the written content. I try to relate the photo to the topic of the post as best as I can, but sometimes I just pick photos I like. 🙂

I have even highlighted photos specifically in some of the hunting business posts:

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50 Inspirational Images to Inspire Blog Titles

Images, graphics, and photos add a little extra something to blog posts and Websites. Your visitors and potential customers do not only learn about your business with your text content.

Hunting businesses do a pretty good job with showing images and photos on their sites. Hunters love photos because the photos tell stories. Photos can especially bring about memories even if the photo isn’t of your own memory.

Images make us all feel emotions and that includes the buying emotion. A quality image, graphic or photo may be just the little extra something you need to convince your customers that your business is the answer they’re looking for.

One of my favorite examples of the power of images is the post on Visualizing One Trillion Dollars.

Trillion Dollars Australia

Creative Commons

I’m a big fan of the Creative Commons License. Most of the photos you see on this blog are used with the convenience of the Creative Commons License. All of the content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons as well. This means you can use any and all of the content here with attribution.

You can use the Creative Commons License to share content on your site that adds a something more to the content you create.

Your Own Photos

As I mentioned above, you can use photos you shoot or that you have taken by a photographer to showcase the benefits of your business for your target audience.

Take some photos to show your customers the value your business can add to their lives as hunters. Photos can add visual evidence on top of your text that may be what convinces your customer to request your services or product.


Graphic images are creations of artists using computer software or something hand drawn. If you find that your competitors’ sites are full of good photos and it would be difficult for you to stand out, try creating some unique graphics with computer software or with your own hands. If you don’t have the ability or the time to create the graphics yourself, there are tons of wonderful designers (Sarah Hicks) you can get in touch with who will turn your visions into remarkable graphic images that make you and your business stand out.

Video and Audio

Video and audio content are two more ways you can add something more to your blog or Website.

You can create your own video and audio content or you can use the content of others and use it (with permission or attribution) to enhance the value your content provides your target audience.

I like to occasionally use videos from You Tube on this site to add a little something more to the content I write.

Here are a few of those posts (Some of the videos may not work as embedded content since some intellectual property owners don’t believe in sharing their content with people who may otherwise never discover it):

3 Viral Video Ideas for Hunting Businesses

10 Inspiring Country Music Videos for Hunting Businesses

The Best Country Songs You’ve Never Heard – A Lesson in Marketing

It’s easy to share videos on your Website or blog with services like You Tube. There is also plenty of existing video content on these video sharing sites for you to use to enhance the value you provide your customers with the content you create.

You can also create video content of your own and share it on your site (via services like You Tube or via your own video software).

A good example of a business doing something more for their audience is The team at Hunting Life has created a wonderful series of video podcasts called Hunting Life Outdoor Adventures.

Here is an example:


Audio content is similar to video content except there is obviously no visual involved with audio.

A few ways you can do something more with audio content to stand out is to record interviews with relevant experts. Find the people your customers want to hear from and ask these experts the questions your customers would like answers. Then you can post your audio content on your site so you listeners can download it with iTunes and listen at work or in the car. Also include the audio content on your site so your customers can easily share your audio and listen to it on your site.

One of my favorite examples of audio content adding something more is The Lew Rockwell Show.

Your Own Thoughts

Another way you can do something more with your Website or blog is to share your own subjective thought.

People will pay attention (and often pay) for others to interpret information and provide subjective thoughts on matters that are important to them.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts, insight and opinions when it comes to interpreting news, facts, or happenings as it relates to you, your customer, and your business. Be confident that you’re an expert in your specific field of the hunting industry. You do have insight and something more to offer your target audience.

Provide your own and unique thoughts on the things affecting your target customers and you’ll stand out from your competition.

Edgy Content

In a similar vein as providing your own thoughts, sharing edgy content is another way you can do something more to make yourself and your business stand out.

Find a way to discuss your thoughts on the topics in your specific area of the hunting industry that your competitors are afraid to address. If there are controversial topics concerning your niche in the hunting industry than you can be sure your customers have their own questions and concerns.

Be their source of information. Provide valuable and thoughtful insight for their benefit. They may not all agree with you, but most will respect you if you take a stance based on your principles. Show that you have the best interest of your customers in mind and your customers will be passionate about your company. People  appreciate it when businesses show (not just tell) that they’re willing to do something more for the customers’ benefit.


There are things you can do to make your business stand out from the competition.

Content such as photos, images, and graphics can add visual interest to the content you create on your site. There are lots of ways to take advantage of the visual content others create such as Creative Commons (CC works for all content, not just visual). You can also create your own unique visual content or have a designer make graphics and visuals that enhance the vision you’re trying to present to your customers.

Video and audio are two more ways you can do something more for your customers. Listen to what your customers are asking you to provide and try enhancing the solution to their problems with video and/or audio. It might be just enough to make your business stand out and lead to a new sale.

The final example of how you can do something more to provide value for your customers is to address topics while providing your unique thoughts and subjective insight. People like subjective thought and it stands out on the Web because most businesses go with the middle of the road, watered down, politically correct thought.

Don’t take the easy way out – be subjective.

Most of these little things do take extra time and effort, but with competition for attention so fierce on the Web, it’s definitely worth it to make sure your Website stands out from the rest. And to stand out you might have to do “something a little more”.

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