A New Beginning

In 2004, I got my first taste of blogging.  It was a brand new world and I was ready to attack the market and tell people everything and everything I thought about hunting.

How I started blogging

I had spent the better part of my life in Washington, DC running a business and decided on a whim one weekend in Idaho to invest in an outfitting business.  I came home after a week of spring bear hunting and while I did not get a bear on that trip, I got the opportunity to invest in an outfitting business.  It was a new adventure for me.  I was excited about it and I knew then that the way in which we would grow was absolutely through using this new medium of the internet.

I started down the path of paying attention to details and my first project was our website.  I poured over every word, every page and made it as perfect as I could.  I had been hearing these rumblings about bloggers and so I started a blog on the blogger platform and finally found the right person to link it into our website.  I started out writing a post a week and quickly rounded up to 3 posts a week.  My spelling and grammar was weak, it still can be on certain days but I worked past it and produced valuable content for each and every one of our hunters and even those who did not hunt with us.

That first 1/2 year, we booked 20 hunters just off the internet and through our blog and website.  The second year, we booked close to 55 hunters and the third year I sold my portion of the business during spring bear season.  I lost my father that year and I knew it was the right decision for me to sell my portion of the business.  I bought HuntingLife.com, the very next day.  I loved to write and I needed an outlet.  This year, we are going to hit our 10th anniversary in full-time production with HuntingLife.com and we have over 18,000 articles posted on our website.  In 2016, we bought HuntingInsider.com and we are growing that website to be an interview website to share the stories of hunters across the world.

Why HuntingBusinessMarketing.com?

I’ve known almost all of the great bloggers in the outdoor and hunting world and many of them are great friends that I get to see at least once a year at one of the shows we all attend.  In the beginning many of us were all members of the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and we all wanted to see blogging grow.  Over the last 10 years, I have spent 1000’s of hours on the phone with executives in the hunting market.  I have worked on social campaigns, SEO campaigns, blogging campaigns, influencer campaigns, advertising campaigns and Adword campaigns for clients.  Digital Marketing has been growing each and every single year and this year at SHOT and ATA all I heard about was how far digital marketing is growing.

I bought this website from Dayne in December and today we took over the website.  We have a plan and we will share it as we grow.  The most important thing we are going to do with Huntingbusinessmarketing.com is to spread value to our readers and fans.  We are not here to sell you digital marketing, yes we and I can help you create campaigns or put you in touch with the right people to build your campaigns.  We are going to teach, pontificate and create dialogue all about what is happening in blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization, digital marketing and all things growth.

Questions:  Drop them in the comments!!!