7 Unconventional Web Tools and Resources for Your Marketing Initiatives

The Web is limitless

Unconventional Web Tools

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There are tons of useful tools available for businesses of all marketing skill levels on the Web.

It can be overwhelming to attempt the task of searching for all of the marketing tools and resources relevant to your specific business and its Website so I thought it might be valuable to put together a list of a few of the more unconventional tools and resources you may not have heard about yet.

These are all resources and tools I’ve had success with for my blog and content.

I hope at least one or two are valuable for your business…

1| Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon Snapshot

I’m relatively new to Stumble Upon, but in the short time I’ve been experimenting with the service I’ve been pleasantly surprised at its ability to increase traffic (see #5).

I’ve had some of my posts stumbled by others and I’ve tried stumbling some of my own posts that I felt would be valuable to users on Stumble Upon.

After reading A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: How to Build Massive Traffic to Your Website by @DoshDosh I thought it would make the most sense to stumble my image-focused posts. It seemed like images or posts about quality images were popular on the content sharing site.

So I stumbled each of the posts included in the Flickr Creative Commons Series and had success.

Stumble Upon is probably not as unconventional as it used to be, but for some it’s probably a new and useful tool for marketing your hunting business and Website.

2| Alltop

Alltop Snapshot

One of my favorite sites/tools on the Web right now is Alltop.


Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. We update the stories every hour. Pick a topic by searching, news category, or name, and we’ll deliver it to you 24 x 7. All the topics, all the time.

Obviously my favorite topic is Hunting. There are some great hunting blogs listed on this feed. Luckily, even this blog is listed.

Beyond just Hunting, Alltop is a great place to browse topics you may not have thought you were interested in.

It’s a wonderful tool for discovering new topics of interest or doing research on your target market.

3| Cosmo and Men’s Health

Cosmo on Copyblogger

Here is a unique little trick I learned from the beautiful minds at Copyblogger:

The Cosmo Headline Technique for Blogging Inspiration

I’ve used it many times when I’m trying to think of ideas for blog posts and the works especially well for list posts (see #5). And I’ve done quite a few list posts.

You use the catchiness of Cosmo headlines (or Men’s Health headlines if you feel uncomfortable) for inspiration for blog posts.

It works surprisingly well and you can make just about any headline fit your niche.

4| Backtweets

Backtweets for Business

There are about a million and a half (hat tip to Forrest Gump) tools that enhance the awesomeness of Twitter.

Currently, my favorite is Backtweets.

I like having the ability to see who is linking to my site on Twitter. I love it for the stats and curiosity, but I mostly love it because I can recognize who is sharing my content and thank them properly.

This tool has helped me form connections with others who found my content valuable enough to share on Twitter and I’m very grateful for their kindness.

5| Local News Sources

Volume One for Bloggers

One of my favorites: Volume One

It isn’t time to forget about your local news sources.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the idea of using local news sources as inspiration for bloggers:

Write Better Blog Headlines: Tonight at 6

Some local news sources have adapted well and taken advantage of the connections available on the Web.

You can use your local news sites and sources as inspiration for your blogging or you can use them for information that affects your target customer.

Your local news is still relevant and you can use their expertise as a tool for your own business.

6| bit.ly

Bit.ly for Business

Awhile ago I was asked about URL shortening for Twitter.

My favorite has been bit.ly.

Bit.ly just happened to be the first URL shortening tool that I came across as I started using Twitter (@DayneShuda) more.

It works great for shortening the URLs of posts I share with my followers and over the past few months, bit.ly has added some great features.

They include statistics and other information for every URL you shorten.

It’s great for curious minds like mine.

I hope the evolution of bit.ly over the past few months is a sign of good things to come from the company.

7| Imeem

Imeem for Bloggers

It’s no secret that I’m a music lover as you can tell by just a few of the music posts I’ve written for this blog:

Remarkable Country Songs That Stand Out In My Hunting Memory

Successful People Guide to Success Series

10 Inspiring Country Music Videos for Hunting Businesses

Imeem is a great resource for music (they have lots of ads now). I use the service almost every day as I like listening to music while I work.

Music, when used effectively and not as a blatant way to gain attention, is a great way to add something extra to your Website or blog.

There is a ton of information on the Web and it’s impossible for your target customers to see it all. You have to find ways to be relevant and stand out.

I like using Imeem to link to songs I write about (Note: you can’t embed with WordPress.com blogs).

Try adding a little something extra to your site or blog posts to add value.

But never do auto-play. I’m not a fan of audio that startles me when I visit a site.

Bonus – 8| Become a source of aggregation

The Future Buzz Snapshot

One of the things I’ve learned while blogging is that aggregating content saves your readers their most valuable resource: Time.

So if you see a void of valuable tools for your readers or customer, become the valuable resource yourself.

I’ve always had an inquisitive nature so naturally I’ve always been curious about the hunting industry and the statistics that represent the market.

I was having trouble finding a place where all of the content was aggregated so I decided to create it myself:

Essential Hunting Industry Stats, Resources, and Information for Hunting Businesses and Websites

It has been a very successful blog post for me and I believe it’s been valuable for readers as well.

Become a source of aggregation for your customers and they’ll appreciate you and your business for doing the work and saving them valuable time.

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8 thoughts on “7 Unconventional Web Tools and Resources for Your Marketing Initiatives”

  1. Once again,
    A very fine post Dayne as I learned a great deal from this one as well.

    The one thing which you might mention on your next post is the “Perils Of Plagiarism”
    Albert, over at the Rasch Chronicles has a good one going on right now with a thief such as they (Plagiarist’s)

    I have had several run in’s with this terrible activity during my 30+ years in the music industry, and it is heartbreaking to witness any artist (such as are in the outdoor blogging community) that has to endure the thievery of their intellectual property.

    Keep up the good work which you are doing here Dayne, and please protect yourself from these type people!

  2. Thank you T. Michael.

    I’ve been thinking about Intellectual property for awhile now and I think it might be time to dedicate a post or even a series to the subject.

    Thanks for the suggestion on this important topic.

  3. Yes Dayne,
    And there are things which people are completely unaware of concerning copyrighted material.
    Such as: The producer of an artist has every right to copyright the “Sounds” which are used in the recording of an artists material.
    And said producer, will even attach a “Royalty Fee” for each time the artists material is sold or played anywhere for public purchase or entertainment.

    This would hold true for anyone who even uses “Public Domain” material which might be enhanced with reverb, echo, chorus, flange etc. etc. by a web designer, who is in essence, the producer of your content.

    If your website starts becoming popular and you implement any merchandising program, said designer/producer could come back with their hand extended out for a piece of your pie!

    It never hurts to carry your own liability, disclosure and copyright release forms for anyone whom does work for you for them to sign.
    If a person refuses to sign your forms, then move on down the line and find someone whom does not have a problem with doing so.
    Because generally, if a person has a problem with that, then they most likely had bad intentions and ulterior motives to work for you in the first place.

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