7 People You Need to Know for Web Success

Every hunting business owner should have these people on speed (email) dial…

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Now, I don’t mean specific individuals.

I’m talking about remarkable people you will need to find in order to have a successful marketing strategy for your hunting business.

It’s likely you may be able to fill some of these roles yourself, but don’t be afraid to seek out all of most or all of them.

You can’t do everything – nobody can. It’s simply not possible and it’s foolish to try.

You can, however, do anything. And your “anything” is the area of the hunting industry you’ve chosen as your focus.

If you’re an outfitter, you’re area of expertise is how to harvest the game in your region of the world. You’re the best at it and your customers come to you when they want the best in the business.

There are great people out there and each business owner needs to find them and form mutually beneficial connections in order to have success on the Web.

Let’s take a look…

1) Developer

Having a developer you can trust to be timely, efficient, and innovative is something you simply can’t be without when you bring your business to the Web.

Business relationships with developers can be difficult. It’s tough for non-developers (such as myself) to understand that changes and modifications take time (and money). Having a developer who can provide truthful and accurate deadlines and schedules can help ease any tension as you make changes to your Website.

Look for a developer who likes to keep up with new technologies and developments, but also uses efficient processes and simple concepts.

2) Designer

People are visual and that includes your customer. Having a talented designer on your team is necessary for your business. The designs of your logos, emails, Website pages, and other promotional items need to be relevant to your business and make sense to your customers (current and potential).

Make sure you find a designer who will take the time to listen to you and understand what your business is about so they can create items that present your business in the best way possible to your customers.

A designer doesn’t need to have experience in the hunting industry for them to be the perfect fit for you and your business. Instead, you should find someone who is a good listener and communicator. This trait will allow you to express your needs and it will allow them to create materials and make adjustments so your customers can visualize what your business is about.

3) Marketer

A quality marketer will have a few key traits.

1) Drive to continuously improve

2) Understanding of how to share

3) Ability to connect business and customer

When looking for a marketer to match your business, you’ll want to make sure they have each of these three personality traits. All three are crucial so don’t give in to just one or two if a person has had success in another.

The first trait is important because things are continuously changing on the Web. Complacency is the ultimate villain for any business – not the competition as is often thought. You need to find someone who has the passion to continuously be in the loop as to new technologies and tools coming out and how they impact you and your business.

The second trait is important because in life and especially in the atmosphere of the Web, sharing is imperative for success. Sharing resources, knowledge, ideas, products, and services are how business can connect with other businesses and most importantly customers. Having a marketer who is a master of sharing content of all forms will be priceless to your success on the Web.

The third trait is important because connecting is essential to Web success. Connecting with other business owners and customers is how your business will succeed on the Web. The Web is simply an enhancement of connecting. Having a marketer who understands and excels in connection is an asset you and your business will continually benefit from.

4) Writer

People are usually surprised at how much writing is involved with business marketing on the Web. Each Web page will have descriptions, stories, etc. for visitors and potential customers to read.

Your visitors are looking for information on topics and they want to find the best business available to solve their problems. So it’s important that the content on your site provides answers and convinces visitors to use your business’s services or products.

You’ll want to find a quality writer who understands what your business is about and who knows how to use words to connect your business with your potential customers. Writing is a lot of work and quality writing with compelling content is difficult to create.

Having a skilled writer to express your message is crucial to your hunting business’s success on the Web.

5) Salesperson

A salesperson is someone who can communicate vocally to your current and future customers. They need to have an understanding of what your customers need and how your product or service can benefit them.

A salesperson needs to be one of the most driven individuals on your team. They have to be able to communicate not only with customers, but with everyone else on the team. They need to have a complete understanding of the business so they can answer any and all questions for potential and current customers. And if they can’t answer a question they have to know who to ask in order to get a quality answer in a timely fashion.

6) Profit and Loss Accountant

For any business to be a success on the Web there has to be someone on the team who understands the profit and loss of all actions taken by the business. These actions include margins, paybacks over time, and how all other expenses will affect the business and future incomes.

If you can find someone who is skilled with numbers and understanding the margins necessary for a business to be successful on the Web you should pay them accordingly and keep them happy because without a quality accountant you may find yourself in trouble down the road.

7) New Web User

This person is kind of a wild card and one most people wouldn’t think about. I have included them here because I think it’s one of the most important people you can have.

Find a person (grandma, cousin who lives in the woods, friend who’s never seen a computer, etc.) and show them your Website and related items and have them work and interact.

If they can’t understand what you’re doing then your Website is too complicated.

Complicated is easy to do and creating simple processes is difficult.

Find someone to test all of your new Web related items who can give you honest feedback because if they can use your items and it’s easy, your customers should be able to use the items as well.


The most important factors for finding people you can work with are trust, reliability, talent, and communication skills.

Find people with these traits for each of the roles mentioned and you will see your business have success on the Web.

Can you think of any other key people to have on your Web team?

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