50 Images of Happy Business Atmospheres

Uplift your office with a smile

A Smile is Powerful

image credit: apdk

I’ve been fortunate in life to work with some great people in classroom, factory, warehouse, and office settings.

One of the things that have always seemed to keep things happy at the businesses I’ve worked is laughter.

It seems that if you can find reason to smile and laugh, you’ll have success and enjoy your time while earning a living for yourself and your family.

It is, of course, important to have a quality balance of laughter, smiles, fun, and other appropriate emotions such as seriousness, tact, sympathy, etc. when dealing in business and office settings.

I thought it would be fun to look at some examples (courtesy of Flickr and Creative Commons) of individuals having fun and enjoying life in work settings…

Possibly sharing a laugh over a Twitter post?

image credit: Jacob Bøtter

You can build that?

image credit: Wonderlane

Warm reception with a smile

image credit: austinevan

It’s ok to tell jokes at the office

image credit: chegs

Even amidst confusion, there is room for a smile

image credit: extranoise

I’ll smile as long as you bring me another cup of coffee

image credit: L-plate big cheese

Dropping by to say hello

image credit: David Boyle

Drive-by Cubicle Smile

image credit: David Boyle

Room to work and think happy thoughts

image credit: wili_hybrid

“Most Pet-Friendly Office in the Northwest”

image credit: tifotter

A lot of computers and one big smile

image credit: Santi Siri

Working late into the night and still happy

image credit: Balaji Dutt

Even meetings and presentations can be fun

image credit: spectrasensors

Workers of all ages can enjoy the office

image credit: juhansonin

Theme days are fun and mustaches are awesome

image credit: Silvio Tanaka

Hooray for new merchandise!

image credit: lululemon athletica

Brainstorming is fun and productive

image credit: lululemon athletica

Laughter is possible even at your home office

image credit: striatic

Laugh out of your chair funny

image credit: NeitherFanboy

Lunch is a great time to share a laugh

image credit: supervillian

Move your desk outside and change your perspective

image credit: hoyasmeg

Take a coffee break once and awhile

image credit: austinevan

Smile with your co-workers

image credit: Ingorrr

No people, but come on…flowers make anybody smile – buy someone flowers today

image credit: adactio

Take a second and smile

image credit: steve p2008

It’s ok to dance at work too 🙂

image credit: Taras Kalapun

Work is fun when you can enjoy it with friends

image credit: Finsec

Meeting grinning

image credit: AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Making customers feel good makes you smile

image credit: Travis Hornung

Programmers can smile (kind of) too 😉

image credit: robertcupisz

Enjoy what you do

image credit: Ingorrr

Grab a drink (and a laugh) after work with co-workers

image credit: David Sifry

Tell jokes in the hallway

image credit: iotae

Finish your coffee before laughing

image credit: iotae

Pop a little champagne at the office

image credit: Jacob Bøtter

Conferences are fun

image credit: roland

Have fun meeting new people

image credit: ShashiBellamkonda

Doing interviews are fun

image credit: irina slutsky

Laugh as the sun rises (or sets)

image credit: antmoose

Laugh at yourself while working

image credit: jenny downing

Break Time is fun too

image credit: karpov the wrecked train

Pose for a silly picture at work

image credit: curly_exp( l)osure

Laugh and love what you do

image credit: Mel B.

Listening to other people speak is entertainig and fun

image credit: Yodel Anecdotal

Laugh out loud with your favorite co-worker (probably don’t lick them)

image credit: maxintosh

Share a laugh on stage

image credit: MSDPE

Good times are timeless

image credit: freeparking

If you need to…get out of the office and swing in a tree

image credit: © angelie photographie.

I hope you’re smiling at this point 😉

image credit: Marlie Kanoi

Well…you know I had to include one of me smiling while working on this post

Me Smiling and Working Hard

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