5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Small (or Big) Hunting Website

Do you ever have a “What do I do next?” moment?

Thinking on a Bench

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“What can I do to improve my Website?”

“Should I do this task or delegate it to someone else?”

If you’re (honestly) all caught up on your tasks for the day and you need a few ideas about what you could do right now here are…

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Small (or Big) Hunting Website

1.  Create a ‘Top 50 Keyword’ for Your Hunting Site/Blog

I love using the Google Keyword Tool. It’s great for seeing how much traffic is going to search terms that relate to your Website.

Take some time right now and enter in a few keywords you think your potential customers might search for on Google. Then download the results to Excel and sort by Advertiser Competition and Average Search Volume. Then try the top keywords in Google and see if your competitors appear.

You should find a few keywords that offer you some opportunity.

Target your Website and blog at these keywords.

2.  Review Your Title Tags

Title tags are important for search results. Although it’s important, some Websites are not setup to target the correct keywords with title tags.

Go to each page on your site and check your title tags.

Does the title tag give a clear picture of what is on the page?

Does the title tag use relative keywords that will generate traffic? (This goes back to the keyword tool.)

It’s a tricky balance, but worth taking some time out to look at.


on your site…

Title Tag at the Top Left

and in the search results…

Title Tag Search Results

3.  Go to your favorite blog and click on the links in their posts

If you have a favorite blog, go to your favorite posts by that blogger and click on some of the links you may have missed the first time.

Chances are you and that blogger have a similar worldview. Thus, chances are that blogger has linked to a few sites you will probably be interested in.

Click on these links and discover new content and expand your knowledge.

Get those creative juices flowing.

4.  Use Twitter Search to Answer 10 Questions

Twitter is a great tool for connecting with individuals. Twitter Search is a great tool for finding people with similar worldviews.

Be proactive and seek out the questions your potential customers are asking on Twitter.

Search for hunting, hunting website, etc. You’ll probably have to get more specific than that, however. “Job hunting’ is popular and that’s (might be) unrelated to what you are looking for.

Do some searching and answer 10 questions.

You’ll hopefully make 10 new connections.

5.  Ask Five Questions (in the Comments) on Five Different Blogs

All Website owners and bloggers love when people participate. It gives the site owner/editor a chance to interact and make a connection.

One of the best ways to participate on Websites, blogs, and forums is by asking relative questions.

You’ll likely make a connection with a leader in your area of interest.

You’ll help out a fellow editor and they might just return the favor.

You’ll get a link to your site.

And you might even get a great answer to your question!

Please…ask your questions below. 🙂

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