5 Hidden Treasures on the Web

Don’t let your remarkable content go unnoticed


Recently I have been browsing the Web and finding a few things I’m surprised I haven’t noticed before. I spend a lot of time surfing the Web – especially hunting Websites and there are times I’m pleasantly surprised by the things I find. However, these five things below are areas of the Web I feel are under-appreciated by the hunting community.

The following five hidden treasures on the Web need to be more visited.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the five hidden treasures on the Web and why hunters need to be aware of the opportunities these resources provide…

1| Cabela’s Outdoor Info

Cabela's Logo

Please visit Outdoor Info

I first found Cabela’s Outdoor Info section when I was searching for information on taking quality trophy photographs – I found this amazing article Two Shot Trophies. I was a bit surprised by the information available under the Outdoor Info section at Cabela’s. I was surprised I had never noticed the third button in the top nav on their site before. Had you noticed it?

Cabela’s calls their Outdoor Info section – Information for Serious Outdoorsmen and they mean it. There are a ton of great articles here for their customer base to digest. You could spend days in this section reading and learning about how to be the best outdoorsman in the world.

And because the articles are sponsored by Cabela’s and written by a first-rate team of experts, you know you’re getting the best information available.

I’m just not sure why Cabala’s hasn’t marketed this section of their site more…

Cabela's Outdoor Info

Cabela’s is moving into an area I see as essential or online retailers in the future – they’re teaching their customers how to hunt and then they’re providing the best equipment that hunters need to execute the things they have learned through the Outdoor Info section.

There are so many opportunities for Cabela’s to market the content they provide in the Outdoor Info section. I can’t wait until they start taking advantage of the remarkable content they have already written.

2| Bowhunting.com’s Bowhunting Knowledge

Bowhunting.com Logo

Please visit Bowhunting Knowledge

Bowhunting.com is one of my favorite hunting sites on the Web. I love the approach they’re taking with online retail.

Bowhunting.com is using blogs, videos, and photography to form connections with hunters on the Web and as a result of the formed relationships; they’re providing the necessary equipment and accessories bow hunters need to execute successful hunts.

One of the things that does confuse about Bowhunting.com, however, is the Bowhunting Knowledge section.

I’m not confused by the fact that the section exists. In fact, I love that the section exists and I love that the experts at Bowhunting.com are the ones provide the remarkable content. There are tons of great tutorials, including photos and videos that bow hunters can use to learn and make their next hunt successful.

Bowhunting.com Bowhunting Knowledge

I’m confused that Bowhunting.com isn’t putting a higher priority on the Bowhunting Knowledge section. I’m a subscriber to Bowhunting.com’s email program and I have either not received an email about the Bowhunting Knowledge section or I have not noticed the mention of the section in an email.

The team at Bowhunting.com does an excellent job of highlighting their remarkable photography, blog and trophy hunts. Their videos of trophy hunts are top notch. I love the video of Todd’s monster 192” Buck.

These videos are a great way to drive traffic to the site and drive sales revenue.

I’d like to see Bowhunting.com really take advantage of their Bowhunting Knowledge section and use it to grow their connections with their followers and really educate hunters on the Web while providing access, through their store, the equipment and accessories hunters need to best execute trophy hunts.

3| Deer & Deer Hunting Online Courses

Deer & Deer Hunting Logo

Please visit Online Hunting Courses

Did you know that Deer & Deer Hunting put on Webinars and video course sections for hunters on their Website?

Deer & Deer Hunting Online Courses

To D&DH’s credit, I’ve actually received more than a few emails (I subscribe to their newsletter and you should too) on their online courses. The most recent highlight was for the Lunar Rut Predictions from their expert Whitetail Writer Charles Alsheimer.

I love that D&DH give a great preview to this video course. Charles Alsheimer answers a great question about killing does before or after the rut. Check out the preview video on Rut Hunting.

Deer & Deer Hunting is doing great things with their online courses. They’re marketing the courses through their email campaigns and on their site. They’re also marketing the courses on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

It’s great to see a media company transition from print to the Web to increase their connection with their customers.

I’m looking forward to more courses from Deer & Deer Hunting.

4| Field & Stream Answers

Field & Stream Logo

Please visit Field & Stream’s Answers

I just found Field & Stream Answers the other day when I was looking at their site. I love Field & Stream’s email newsletter especially their great reader-submitted photos.

Hunters on the Web love looking at remarkable hunting photography and Field & Stream has some of the best photos available. And the great thing is they combine photos from their own team of expert outdoor photographers along with reader submitted photos.

But as much as I love the photos, I really love the F&S Answer section.

Field & Stream Answers

The Answer section is like a forum of sorts. Visitors to the site can ask and answer questions. I haven’t had a chance to look through too many of the answers, but I’m sure a few of the F&S writers have answered a few of the questions.

I haven’t seen any mention of the Answers section mentioned in F&S Newsletters and I haven’t seen too much promotion for the section on any other areas of the site or print magazine.

There are some great answers from readers and I think F&S can use Answers as a way to enhance their connection with their readers. Hunters are on the Web looking for ways to connect on a more meaningful level with outdoor companies. Answers is a great way for readers to get real value from a quality outdoor company (the photos are great also).

It’d be a great way to drive sales for the new Field & Stream Brand.

5| Wudyaget Custom Field Portraits

Wudyaget.com Logo

Please visit Wudyaget.com

I love remarkable hunting photographs on the Web. And I love when entrepreneurs take advantage of an opportunity. Matt Walters has taken advantage of an opportunity with Wudyaget Custom Field Portraits.

Matt takes ordinary pictures of extraordinary trophies and turns them into conversation pieces. Take a look at some of his great example portraits.

Wudyaget.com Custom Field Portraits

If you haven’t known about Matt’s service, here is your chance to take your trophy photos from years past and turn them into lasting memories.

Or perhaps if you’re lucky enough to harvest a trophy this season, give Matt a call to make the memory last a lifetime.


There are lots of great things on the Web. However, some of the hidden treasures go unnoticed as they remain hidden among the many great things on the Web.

These are only five of the great hidden treasures on the Web. I feel that all five should be getting much more attention from hunters than they are currently getting.

Companies can gauge their various services and products with their customers to see what their customers respond too. It takes some time and testing to find what connects with customers. I hope these five hidden treasures find their way to the marketing priority of their respective companies so hunters on the Web can take full advantage.

Do you know of any other hidden treasures on the Web?

Share them in the comments below.

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