40 Quick Tips and Ideas for Growing Your Hunting Business

To end this tutorial I thought it’d be fun to brainstorm some ideas and tips to help grow a hunting business on the Web.

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It’s a good idea to start a Web page or Website to go along with your hunting business. It’s also good to start a blog. This will set you apart from the others in your niche.

For example, a great outfitting-focused blog would be a great resource for hunters looking for information on outfitting. Answer common questions that your outfitting clients have. Give tips on how to save money with outfitters. Don’t be afraid to give away some of your knowledge.

Hopefully a few of these tips and ideas will spark some inspiration for you and your hunting business.

These tips and ideas are quick, short, and meant for conversation.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Blog Tips and Ideas1.  Include video, pictures, screenshots, audio and the like in your posts.

2.  Use unique perspectives to inspire your posts.

3.  Do not have audio or video that automatically plays when visitors come to the site.

4.  Link back to previous posts (lead your readers to relevant archives).

5.  Have blogging partners.

6.  For title and post inspiration, use sites like Alltop. (What titles stand out?)

7.  Use Flickr Creative Commons for photos to go with your content – give credit of course.

8.  A group of bloggers (on one blog) each specializing in hunting different terrains would be neat.

9.  The posts that seem to get the most comments and traffic are usually offbeat ideas/concepts.

Website Tips and Ideas

10.  Keep things simple.

11.  Functionality and beneficial content outweigh features and fancy gimmicks any day.

12.  Don’t control visitors, but do give them a path of least resistance.

13.  When possible, use free software.

14.  Something as simple as using title tags are important, but surprisingly some sites overlook it.

15.  Cross promote your pages, features, comments, forum threads, etc.

16.  I’m still opposed to a lot of reverse copy – my catalog background coming through on the Web.

Social Media Tips and Ideas

17.  Twitter is all about adding value to others and making connections.

18.  Anybody can use Twitter.

19.  Start by following these ten hunters.

20.  A simple site (using free software like Ning) would be great for hunting camps/groups.

21.  Are there national, regional, or local organizations for outfitters/guides?

22.  Look for social media that add value, not media that simply passes time.

23.  Look for characters.

Email Ideas

24.  Just as in regular direct marketing, the money is in the list.

25.  Segment your email list to figure out how to serve each person correctly (and how to profit effectively).

26.  Gmail shows the first line of text in the email. Start the email out with relevant copy.

27.  Use snap shots, clips, portions, and sections to encourage clicks.

28.  Work to get the non-openers to open.

29.  Work to get the non-clickers to click.

30.  Work to get the clickers to buy.

Random Ideas

31.  It’d be cool if there was a Website that offered a free Video to Transcript service.

32.  Along the same lines, closed captioning on YouTube.

33.  A forum for hunting business owners would be great (post questions and spur conversation).

34.  Photo and video widgets with related tags. EX: Deer hunter photo widget with location tags

35.  Online journal sharing (for those who take notes for each hunt -temp, wind, stand location, etc.).

36.  Multiple series of How-To hunt videos on YouTube.

37.  Will it break a broad head? You could shoot a rock or a brick wall or a tree or a truck. A broad head company should do a video series like Blendtec.

38.  A trail camera (solar powered?) with a live feed to a Website – alerts you when deer are near. Cheating?

39.  What will it hold? A video series based on how much a tree stand will hold (odd objects that are heavy).

40.  Live online (up to the minute) harvest boards/tallies for local hunting areas, regional areas, states, nationwide.

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