4 Ways You Can Use a Blog to Improve Your Hunting Website

“The harder I work, the luckier I get,” Gary Player.

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With some hard work and a little luck…

You can create a blog and have followers in less time than you may think.

A good business blog is a must for your hunting business.

A blog will allow your customers and potential customers to get information from you consistently. By writing regular posts, you’ll be able to grow your reputation as the knowledgeable, go-to person in your industry.

You’ll stand out above your competition.

When potential customers find your blog through their Google search, they’ll be able to see all of your knowledge organized neatly and efficiently.

The benefits of a business blog are infinite.

But…if you’re still not convinced that your hunting Website needs a blog, here are…

4 Ways You Can Use a Blog to Improve Your Hunting Website

1. Help Others

You’re an expert in your field; the field of hunting. People are using the Web to find the information and knowledge they desperately want/need.

A blog is your tool to connect with the people searching for your knowledge.

You’ll be helping others when you write posts that empower and add value to their lives.

Draft posts that will inspire others.

The world of hunting is expansive and there are a great number of hunters looking for knowledge.

Focus on your niche and show why you’re the best and most knowledgeable.

By sharing your knowledge, you help others improve their own lives.

2. Improve your own knowledge

A blog is a great way to improve your own skills.

You’ll improve your writing skills.

You’ll improve your research skills.

By writing a blog, you’ll gain an objective view of your own business.

As you write about your industry, your success stories, your suggestions, tips, etc., you’ll be able to reflect on what has been the source of your success.

This reflection will also allow you to reflect on your failures and what you can learn from these failures.

A blog is like a journal that you share with your customers.

Your blog will be a source of all of your knowledge.

It will be a great resource for you customers and potential customers, but more importantly it will be a resource for you to reflect and learn from as well.

3. Share Your Case Studies

Your hunting business probably has some happy customers. Therefore, you have success stories.

There is no better place to share these stories than on your new blog.

Include your past customers when you write your case study. Ask them to write about their experience.

Be honest when writing case studies.

Use photos, videos, etc. to show your blog readers how you created a successful business relationship.

There is nothing better than a tangible example when you’re trying to make new business connections.

4. Make Connections

As you write great content on your blog, you’ll begin to receive comments.

This is when the fun really begins.

When someone comments or emails you about a post on your blog, they are giving you their attention. They are showing you that your content is valuable to them.

This is a positive connection for both of you. They are seeking to gain further insight from you.

This is your chance to prove your worth and further enhance the relationship.

Hopefully it will lead to a successful customer/business connection.


OK, now that you’re ready to start your blog or if you’re ready to improve your blog…check out this video “How Guy Kawasaki became Technorati’s #24 ranked blogger (and how he aims to be 10, then maybe retire)” on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog with Guy Kawasaki.

It’s a truly great video.

(At about 11:20, he offers great insight on the independent decision making of linking).

Get a plan together for your future hunting Website blog.

I look forward to adding you to my RSS!

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