4 Lessons I Learned from the Movie “Catch Me If You Can” (And How to Apply Them to Your Hunting Business)

“People believe what you tell them,” Frank Abagnale Jr. “Catch Me If You Can”

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One of the most entertaining films I’ve seen is “Catch Me If You Can” by Steven Spielberg. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks give two of the most entertaining and inspiring performances of their famous careers.

The picture is loosely based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr., a young con artist who successfully impersonated an airline pilot, doctor, assistant attorney general and history professor, cashing more than $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in 26 countries. (Source – imdb.com)

The film is inspiring and there are a few lessons I take away each time I watch it.

There are lessons that you can use successfully on the Web with your business and there are lessons about things you should avoid.

Here are…

4 Lessons I Learned from the Movie and How to Apply Them to Your Hunting Business

1.  Frank had the confidence to by anybody he wanted to be

Frank had the confidence to be a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. He had a gift at a young age to be charming and romantic with everybody he met.

People wanted to be around him. They wanted to believe him. He created a fantasy life for himself. And from the outside it appeared he was the happiest person in the world.

What gave Frank the ability to succeed was his confidence.

Every blogger, site owner and person on the Web needs to have the self confidence to say and write about what they’re passionate about. Not everybody is going to like you, but if you have self confidence people will be able to tell and they’ll be drawn to you.

They’ll believe in what you’re saying and writing.

You don’t have to trick people into believing you’re something you’re not.

Be yourself.

You are charming and interesting.

Put yourself out there and make connections on the Web.

Make valuable connections and enhance the lives of those you meet.

2.  Dishonestly will always catch up with you

In the end, all of Frank’s lies caught up with him.

He lost his family, his (stolen) fortune, and his life.

Frank lived a life that most people can only dream about.

He had fortune, beautiful women, and people respected him whenever they met him.

However, in the end it all came crashing down on Frank.

He had to know it was coming. Somewhere deep inside he had to know he was living a lie.

The best thing you can do on the Web is to be truthful with those you make connections with.

There are numerous cases of businesses and individuals who pretended to be something they weren’t.

On the Web, these attempts to put up smoke and mirrors never work. They never work.

And things written about you are permanent on the Web.

People want to be told the truth. People want to believe you’re telling them the truth.

When making connections, be truthful with people.

If they find out you’re not being honest with them they’ll be hurt and in the worst case scenario they’ll write about their dishonest relationship with you.

3.  Be a quick learner and be ready to change and adapt quickly

Frank was good at knowing when to change his course and move on to his next con (at least he was up until the point he got caught).

In the beginning Frank had to ask questions about how to be a pilot. He actually asked questions about how to pretend to be a pilot.

You don’t want to pretend to be an expert at something you’re not.

You’re an expert on hunting.

Be an expert on hunting.

However, you will need to learn how to ask questions and learn about the new technology that comes to the Web in the years to come.

Two years ago Twitter didn’t exist.

The people that knew how to ask questions and learn quickly are the ones benefiting the most from the connections they make on Twitter.

Learn how to ask questions. Get behind any ego you might have and learn to ask questions.

Experiment, ask questions, and learn about things you don’t understand.

You and you’re hunting business will be better for it.

4.  Success can be lonely if you don’t have friends to share it with

One of the main points I stress here on this blog is the importance of making valuable connections.

The people you meet and friends you make on the Web are the most important resource you can have.

When you’re in trouble, when you have questions, the people you meet are usually more than willing to lend a hand to help you learn and grow as a person and as a business owner.

In the film, Frank didn’t have any real connections. He broke the trust of everyone he met including his own family.

Although he was living the high life on the outside, Frank was living an extremely lonely existence.

Although successful, Frank had no real connections.

When expanding your hunting business on the Web it is imperative that you be honest and make sure to make every connection valuable.

It’s the only way you’ll enhance your life and your hunting business on the Web.


5.  It’s never too late

Frank gets caught.

He screws up.

Frank’s mistake was beginning to tell lies when he was sixteen.

He never had a chance to really succeed as a con artist.

However, Frank developed valuable skills.

He learned these skills in a deceitful way, but he learned them nonetheless.

Frank was talented and he worked hard.

One of the most important lessons I learned from this movie was that people are forgiving.

Even if you have or do make mistakes and are dishonest on the Web, people will forgive you if you come clean and show your true self.

The Web can be forgiving, but only if you really come through and learn the most valuable lesson: Be honest with the people you meet and make valuable connections with.

It’s the most important lesson I have learned while using the Web.


One of the interesting points in the movie is when Frank’s father tells him that the reason the Yankees always win is because their opponents are distracted by the pin stripes.

When Frank is sixteen he puts on his pilot’s uniform for the first time and walks down the sidewalk in New York City.

People walking past him are somehow drawn to him. They have to look at the man in the uniform.

It’s true that people are drawn to appearances. Appearances have a powerful force.

But once people get to know you behind your appearances they begin to learn your character.

How will people react when they get to know your character?

On the Web people will always get past appearances.

If you have quality character you’ll be successful.

Make sure you are honest and have a credible character when you use the Web.

People will look past the appearances.

P.S. My Dad was a pilot for about 30 years (He’s retired now). I would have looked up to him no matter what he did, but it was really great growing up with a “cool” Dad. He always looked so important in his pilot’s uniform when he would leave and come home from his trips.

His appearance was great.  His character is even better.

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