3 Viral Video Ideas for Hunting Businesses

“Hey, watch my video…and spread it!”


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My favorite videos on sites like YouTube that make it through the blogosphere are the videos that are cleverly used as effective marketing tools.

Most videos that make it big on the Web are individuals just making videos about themselves in funny, unique and interesting situations.

Some videos catch something crazy in live action, others are planned and edited.

These videos of individuals are fun and usually entertaining, but often they’re not done in ways that cleverly market their product, which in this case is themselves.

If you want to make a video to effectively market you and/or your business, you’ll need to target three basic people:

1.  Bloggers

2.  Web Browsers (Blog readers)

3.  Your customers.

Now the first two are hopefully your ultimate customers.

Bloggers will spread the word, Web browsers will watch (racking up views), and ultimately they’ll be impressed with your product/service.

And here’s the equation for creating a unique video that grabs their attention (and hopefully gets your customers to ultimately buy your product).

(Clever Entertainment) + (Sharability) + (Target Audience) + (Product/Service/Personal Brand Tie-in) – (Push-Marketing) = (Successful Viral Video)

Ok, so the equation might not be perfect math, but think about when you’re working on your next video strategy.

Examples of videos that follow this formula include


(Rake in Blender) + (YouTube) + (Smoothie Drinkers) + (Blendtec) – (Users have the option to watch) = (Successful Viral Video Series)

You can’t argue with results:

The videos were placed on the internet in early November. Within just a few short days, we had millions of views. The campaign took off almost instantly. We have definitely felt an impact in sales. ‘Will it Blend’ has had an amazing impact to our commercial and our retail products,” Tom Dickinson and Squid News.

Penny Pranks (Office Max)

(Truck full of pennies) + (YouTube) + (Parents/Kids buying schools supplies) + (Office Max) – (Users have the option to watch) = (Successful Viral Video Series)

Ideas for hunting businesses

Hunting Outfitters/Guide Services

1. “Looking for something Bigger?”

A hunter goes through his daily routine. He has a look of disappointment on his face because he keeps running into things in his life that are too small. His truck is too small, his paycheck is too small, his jeans won’t button, and finally he’s hunting and sees a buck that’s too small…  Enter your logo proclaiming, “Looking for something bigger? We’ve got the biggest bucks in [enter state].”

Hunting E-commerce/Manufacturer

2. “Will it penetrate?”

Broad head penetration is a big deal for bow hunters (and you thought…get your mind out of the gutter).  Manufacture some super strong broad heads that can be shot into things like trucks, cinder blocks, refrigerators, TV, etc. If it can hit those things and stay intact, surely it could handle a nice buck.


3 Rivers Archery put up a video recently that has a broad head being shot into a cinder block.


Check out the videos on the 3 Rivers Archery Website and on the 3 Rivers Archery YouTube Channel.

Hunting Social Network/Websites

3. “We’ll Take Your Hunting Photos”

A video series of a hunter trying to share his trophy photos at museums, art galleries, and other fancy places (where hunting photos don’t really ‘belong’). Then at the end have a logo for your site proclaiming “We’ll Take Your Hunting Photos”.

Ideas that won’t get you a successful video

You singing a song and posting your logo at the end, unless it’s a cover of Howie Day’s “Collide” – over 1,000 of those on YouTube, but  a few aren’t bad (Video).

Unless your product performs some cool task like cutting firewood (Video), a simple demonstration is not likely to generate a lot of buzz (viral effect) for you and your business.

A video of you interviewing a boring person is not viral material. If you’re going to interview somebody and post the video, make sure the topics are relevant for your target audience and make sure the person is intriguing (Video).

Bonus Tip

Don’t be afraid to “Do It Wrong Quickly” (I recommend Mike’s blog and book).

Experiment with creating video for the Web. It’s fun. It’s easy.

Just remember that a little thought and planning can create a great video tie-in for you and your business.

Remember that the Web is a medium of exchange and those individuals who are able to connect with their target audience (with things like video) are the most successful.

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