20 Steps to Starting Your Hunting Business Blog/Website

Yikes! Where do I begin?!?

Jumping Off Cliff

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You might be feeling like this right now. You’re bringing your hunting business to the Web. You’re wondering if you should pay somebody to launch a Website for your business. Do you need a blog?

Sometimes you have to just go for it and jump in

Basically, you’re wondering, “Where do I begin?”

At first glance, the Web can seem like an intimidating place.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one feeling this way.

And you know what’s even better?

The Web is a great place to make meaningful connections not only with your future customers, but also with influencers in the online hunting world.

If you are willing to put forth a little effort to extend your hand and make some friends, you’re already in the right mindset to add value to yourself and to your business by entering the Online World.


You’re on your way.

Here are a few ideas on how to get started on the Web.

Get ready, you’re about to set yourself up for a fulfilling life on the Web.

The List

  1. Go to Twitter and set up an account. You’ll meet some great people.  Here are “10 People All Hunters Should Follow on Twitter“. Visit TwiTip.com and check out this post “10 Easy Tips for Twitter Beginners” and you’re on your way. Here’s some great advice on “How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter“.
  2. After you get yourself started on Twitter, “Use Twitter to Improve Your Hunting Business“.
  3. Visit The Outdoor Bloggers Summit – you’ll find tons of great blogs and great people here
  4. Visit hunting.alltop.com – “All The Top” hunting blogs – Keep up to date on great hunting news and information
  5. Visit the top hunting forums: HuntingNet, Bowhunting.com, BigGameHunt.net, HuntingForums.com, Google Search: “Hunting Forum” for more
  6. Direct message and use @replies to your new Twitter buddies
  7. Comment on blog posts
  8. Make Alltop.com one of your first stops every time you’re online to keep up on the latest news – The news and information will help you with the #10
  9. Add your insight to forum threads
  10. Pick your favorite blogs and forums and make it a habit to contribute to them regularly
  11. Start your own blog – Yes I’m serious – This is a great way to make your worth known!
  12. I personally like WordPress. It’s free to use. It looks great. Let me know if you have any questions about it. Otherwise, here is some excellent advice on “Choosing a Blog Platform
  13. Read “40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content
  14. Make sure to combine your passion for hunting with your other passion – your business – when writing your posts
  15. Remember to enjoy ::smile:: your blog (It’s fun!)
  16. Consider launching a Website for your hunting business. A Website is a big, but worthwhile step.
  17. Make sure your blog and new Website complement each other  – Look & Feel – Cultural Aura (Did I just use the word “aura”? Yikes!)
  18. Make sure customers and visitors can participate on your Website: Reviews, Comments, Participate with them in their conversations
  19. Evaluate your Web experience thus far: Form new goals, What’s working/What’s not working?, Are they new technologies that allow you to make connections?
  20. Go back to Stage 1:  keep participating and connecting!

There they are.

Questions? Comments? More to add? Your experiences on the Web?

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