12 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back to Your Hunting Website

What makes your site “sticky”?

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Think of your favorite Web sites – a few of mine are FieldandStream.com, DeerandDeerHunting.com, Bowhunting.com, HuntingNet.com, TheFutureBuzz.com, LewRockwell.com, etc. (See the Right Nav for more).

It varies by site, but I generally visit these sites every few days, every day, or multiple times per day.

I’ve found that my favorite sites generally update about five times per week.

One good post per day for each business day.

Attention is what you’re shooting for online. Attention is a limited resource one the Web. Every Website is trying to gain access to the valuable attention.

Attention pays: not just monetarily, but personally. Attention brings connections and lifelong relationships with others.

Although a good amount of valuable attention on your Website will lead to profits.

So your goal is to keep visitors engaged with valuable content on your Website. You also want to maintain their attention continuously to maintain a healthy relationship.

Here are 12 tips to keep your visitors coming back

1.   Consistent updates

Determine what type of valuable content you can successfully deliver to your audience on a consistent basis. Do you want to provide the latest industry news? Do you want to provide useful tips? Can you provide valuable hunting product reviews? Are you one of those people who can tell stories at the tavern until early in the morning?

Determine the content you can best provide and provide it consistently. If you’re a tree stand expert, provide consistent (hourly, daily, weekly) content so customers know where to come for quality information on tree stands.

2.   Scheduled emails/newsletters

Offline newsletters have been a great way to update your customers on your business, your product, and your industry’s news. You can do the same with e-newsletters. Ask your customers for their email addresses. Setup a nice email template. Put together news from the industry, updates from you and your company, and product updates, improvements, and new products.

Make sure to include plenty of links back to your site to specific pages so your customers can visit.

3.   Stay in touch off your site

It’s easy to get caught up with your own Website sometimes. I’m a culprit of this – it’s one of my goals for this year to participate more on other sites. Go to sites that your customers visit and participate. Visit forums, blogs, popular news sites, etc.

Add your valuable thoughts to sites other than your own for valuable traffic and respect.

4.   Be available

In today’s online world, people have short attention spans and little patience. If someone comments on your Website or if someone sends you an email, make sure your respond promptly. Don’t put off responding. Respond now. It shows you appreciate that the person took the time to write to you.

5.   Be visible

This goes along with the prior 2 tips. Add pictures and videos to your site. Take pictures of your travels. Take videos of your office and shop. Let your customers get to know you and your company as you’re working. Being visible allows for a deeper connection.

Flickr and YouTube are easy to use and great resources.

6.   Encourage participation

Ask questions on your Website. Have polls. Facilitate discussion amongst readers. Ask for input for products. Product reviews are great for Websites.

7.   Have occasional surprises

Have occasional surprise customer appreciation promotions on your Website only. Surprises can even be something as simple as getting your staff together and making a video of you all singing a Christmas carol to your customers and posting it on your site – anything to change the “norm” a little bit. Keep customers happy, but also keep them guessing on occasion. Maybe even sing Happy Birthday to them – (Here’s the sign up).

8.   Keep your content fresh

Keep up to date on your industry news. Read blogs that cover topics outside of your own expertise (Visit Alltop). Keep your mind fresh with content. This will help you to keep your own content fresh. Update your product descriptions. Update your About Us page.

9.   Utilize links back to your archives

As you continue to write articles, blog posts, newsletters, product reviews, etc. make sure you reference back to your archives. This is a great way to give new visitors more content to follow. If your titles are appealing (50 Inspiring Flickr Pictures/Photos for Hunting Businesses), users will likely keep coming back not only to check out your current content, but also to catch up on your archives.

10.  Write ongoing series

If you find yourself writing articles that get to be a few pages long, break it up into parts and make it a series. People will follow along and tune in each week for the next installment. This is how TV shows work. Even novels used to be published in newspapers a little at a time. It’s a proven way to keep readers engaged.

Example from Adam Singer at TheFutureBuzz.com: Social Media Power Users and Influencers: Part 1

11.  Make your site a “work in progress”

Share the vision of your company and Website with your customers. Keep a journal of your progress. People love to be part of a success story. Document your achievements and share it with your readers. Continue to set new goals and keep improving. Never settle and keep people interested.

12.  Facilitate connections

I’m a big advocate of connections on the Web. The best thing you can do on your Website is to allow for connections to form. You can connect with visitors; your visitors can connect with each other – make it as easy as possible for connections to take place (follow me on Twitter: @DayneShuda). Allow people to communicate with you and with each other.

This will be rewarding for you, your business, and most importantly your customers.

Above all remember to have fun with your Website. If you’re having fun continuously, it will spread to your readers. Passion is contagious. People want to feel good and feel part of something special.

Dayne Shuda Singing Karaoke

So make your Website and business special and something worth sharing.

Do you have any tips to add? Any success stories you have had with your hunting Website?

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