10 Ways to Create Stunning Hunting Blog Posts

There are a few easy ways to add depth and punch to give life to your blog posts

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If you have read the posts on this blog before you know I like to use stunning images to add a little punch and depth to each piece of writing. I’ve even written posts dedicated specifically to stunning photography and how photos can inspire you in life, business, and writing.

I’d like to go a little further than photos here and provide 10 ways to create stunning blog posts for your hunting business blog

1) Photos

Just to reiterate that photos from a service like Flickr Creative Commons with Attribution is a great way to add something extra to your blog posts. Your own photos work just as well.

2) Quotes

Quotes are always a great way to start out blog posts. They work just as well within posts. Quotes add outside proof of points you make on the topics you cover. Use appropriate quotes; give attribution and a link if possible. You might even find better use of your quote if you use peers in the industry with which you’re covering. There are many great quotes from hunters you could use to enhance your blog posts.

3) Links

One of my most personal favorite aspect of stunning blog posts is when a writer effectively uses outbound links. These links often come in the form of recommended reading and other on-topic posts from the author’s favorite blogs and Websites. Outbound links add depth and increased value for readers.

Outbound links also show your willingness to promote the blogs and Websites of other people you find valuable. They may return the favor in a post of their own if applicable, but don’t expect links back to your work, simply use outside work to enhance the work of your own. Or better yet, use your work to enhance the work of others.

If applicable, you can also effectively use links to your own archives as links in your articles. It’s a great way to drive quality traffic deeper into your collection of work.

4) Interviews

Interviewing via email, phone, or in person are great ways to get quotes (see #2) and insight for your blog posts. Your loyal readers love the insight you provide and if you can give them insight into the people you look to for your knowledge you give them deeper value for their own knowledge acquisition. People generally enjoy being interviewed as it gives them an opportunity to help others and increase their own exposure. Be sure to give attribution.

5) Lists

Lists sometimes get a bad rap on the Web simply because they are so popular. However, they are popular for a reason. Have you ever noticed the Cosmo magazines at the check-out counter in the grocery store? You are drawn to those article titles for a reason. Most of the titles are lists. Beyond the simple attraction of numbers in list post titles, lists are easy to digest and the format forces writers to condense their insight into only the necessary words. I’m a big supporter of list posts.

6) Fringe Topics

One effective method for creating stunning blog posts is to take an aspect of the hunting niche that may be seen as on the fringe and highlighting it. People like to feel like they’re absorbing information that isn’t normally available to them. To make a post stand-out, you can take a fringe topic within your niche, research and highlight it and give your readers additional value as they search for knowledge on their passion.

7) Turn an Outsider into a Hero

Along the same line as ‘Fringe Topics’, highlighting an outsider in the hunting industry is a great way to bring new insight and information to your readers. Hunting has always had its controversy and outsider aspect for certain members of its own community. While hunting is seen as a traditional niche, there are many outsiders who come up with new and insightful thoughts and ideas. Highlight these individuals as it relates to your hunting business and blog and give your followers something with a little extra value.

8) Embrace new tools

On the Web, your own perspective is often what separates your blog and Website from the rest of the noise. While you should always hold true to your basic beliefs, it’s important to recognize how new technology and developments affect your values. As new Web tools and sites come along, embrace them and offer your new perspective on them. Give your readers your insight into how you view new developments as they relate to the hunting industry and how you use your own values to guide your perspective. Your readers likely share your same worldview so they’ll appreciate your unwavering ability to use your values to guide you in your embracement of new tools and technology.

9) Compliment someone

It sounds simple doesn’t it? Sadly, this simple effect is not used nearly enough in the blogosphere. To create stunning blog posts, the simple act of complimenting others in the hunting industry is a great way to show your own acceptance that the success of others enhances the success of their peers.

10) Smile

As Adam Singer of The Future Buzz said, “Emoticons never go out of style“. Imagine if large news writers from ‘big’ newspapers and sites used emoticons more. It’s amazing what a simple 🙂 can do for an article. You can’t help but smile when you see one of those things. It puts readers in a better mood. Happy readers are loyal readers.

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