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At this point I’m kind of thinking the “10” in the title of this series is going to be inaccurate, but since people loves lists and the number 10 seems to stand out, I’m going to leave the title alone. I honestly had intentions of doing 10 at first. 🙂

In case you missed the first three installments of this series, here they are:

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We continue the series with even more remarkable posts. Thanks to the authors for sharing their posts and allowing us to take a deeper look at why they are remarkable.

Hopefully you will be able to gain some insight into the characteristics of successful posts for your own writing.

My Views on the Proposed rate increase in Hunting Fees

Whitetail Woods

Blog/Website: Whitetail Woods

Original Post: My View on the Proposed rate increase in Hunting Fees

Author: Rick

Rick was interviewed in a recent article in the Reminder News about the proposed 100% increase in hunting license fees (ridiculous!).

This is a different post from the previous ones in this series, but I think that’s a positive. There are many ways to write remarkable posts.

Let’s take a look at why this post is remarkable for Rick.

Hot Topic

License and other fees are big news during good economic times. An increase in fees during an economic downturn can cause an uprising.

The topic of the article that includes Rick’s comments puts forth some good information on how hunters are affecting by even a slight increase in hunting and related fees. And apparently the governor of Connecticut thinks the best thing to do in a difficult economy is to double the fees!

Yikes. You’d think that when governments run out of money the politicians would realize maybe they’re spending too much.

Anyway, now you got me going Rick. I’ll get back to your article.

The point is that when you write blog posts about hot news topics that affect your reader’s lives, you’re going to get some response. When your readers are affecting by something, especially negatively, they’re going to be upset and want their voice to be heard.

Notice how Rick has 13 comments on his blog.

Choosing a hot topic for your posts ensures a good chance that the post will become remarkable.

Source of Common Sense

If you’re going to write about hot news topics affecting your readers, you’re also going to have to provide your insight, thoughts, and experiences with the piece of news.

Simply posting the news and leaving it open for comment is one way to go, but it’s usually not as effective as a post that includes your thoughts on the matter.

Rick’s quotes in the article are very thoughtful and he provides great insight into the situation. He explains exactly how the fee increase will affect him and you can tell how he feels about it.

“Kratzke, who has been hunting for 19 years, believes that he contributes to the environment by hunting the over populating animals. The DEP recommends hunting of white-tail deer for population management and reduction of nuisance such as road kills and destruction of private plants and shrubs. But he laments that instead of providing incentive for protecting the environment , the government is taxing him more.”

People want to have insight into news and events. They are looking for other people’s thoughts so they too can come to their own conclusions about situations.

People are looking for understanding. Provide them with your thoughts on hot news topics and they’ll either agree with you and become loyal readers or they’ll disagree and you’ll have a new conversation started in the comment section which will lead to some great activity (and traffic) on your site.

Article Link

At first glance, this may not appear like a normal blog post. Rick simply provided a few paragraphs and then linked to the original article. He also gave the background of the article beforehand.

This is actually common in the blogosphere. If you write a guest post on another blog, find another article interesting, or are quoted in a article such as Rick, it’s great to post a short section and link to the original article (that’s the accepted way of giving credit to the content creator).

And you can see it turned into a great post on Rick’s blog.

So don’t be afraid to use this method for your own Website or blog.


Although Rick didn’t write this article, his insight is great on an important issue facing Connecticut hunters. The hunters in Connecticut will hear about this news and try to figure out how exactly it will affect them. They’ll be looking for insight from their peers and they’ll want trusted sources.

Rick provided a great service to others on the subject of fees and while doing it he came up with a remarkable blog post.

My Decision and Why I Made It

Gun Safety Innovations LLC

Blog/Website: Gun Safety Innovations LLC

Original Post: My Decision and Why I Made It

Author: Kristine

Kristine’s post is different from the other posts I’ve read for this series. That is why it really stands out to me personally. It’s a really unique perspective yet I as a hunter relate to Kristine’s story. Kristine was considering taking a hunter’s safety course because she wanted to learn more about hunting so she could seemingly improve the work she was doing for Gun Safety Innovations.

Side note: Kristine is great at what she does and I’m sure part of it is this willingness to always improve.

Anyway, she ultimately decided that she would like to learn more about hunting, but the timing wasn’t right and it probably wasn’t for the right reasons.

It made for an interesting blog post – a blog post that is remarkable in a great way.

Hunting, but not hunting

Kristine is a great marketer; very skilled and accomplished. She was hired at Gun Safety Innovations with no real experience as a hunter. So I can see where she’s coming from when she felt she needed some hunting experience in order to be accepted by the hunting community.

She has obviously proved that having a background in hunting is not entirely necessary to make great connections in the hunting community online. Her work with the Outdoor Blogger’s Summit speaks for itself. I can say that I’ve met some great people and it’s all a result of her work with OBS.

Back to the post.

Kristine is a non-hunter who was thinking about learning how to shoot, which would probably lead to more hunting activities.

This topic made for an interesting perspective for a hunting blog post. And I think that’s why everyone connected to the post so much. There are great comments from some great people in the online hunting community.

There was lots of understanding of Kristine’s situation. She was putting herself out there and that’s what her audience connected with. Everybody goes through decisions so it’s easy to relate when others are going through tough choices.

So this post is related to hunting, but is also about making decisions in general. This post was great and deeper than most blog posts.


Kristine’s post was great. She is living proof that hunting can have a huge impact on non-hunters and even more importantly that non-hunters can have remarkable impact on hunters. As I said earlier, I’ve met some great people as a result of what Kristine does.

This is a great post because Kristine was honest and willing to share her decision process. It couldn’t have been an easy thing to do. I know I’m repeating myself, but the personal stuff always seems to stand-out in these remarkable posts.

Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to share your experiences with the world. Good thing happen.

The Yeti Conspiracy

Deer Camp Blog

Blog/Website: Deer Camp Blog

Original Post: The Yeti Conspiracy

Author: Rex

Wow. How did I not know about this post until Rex sent it to me? This post is so unique and so wonderful. I’m not sure what kind of person it takes to come up with a concept like The Yeti Conspiracy (either twisted or brilliant), but this post was so much fun to read. I almost spit out my drink as I was reading it because it’s so cleverly written.

If you have read it yet you have to head over to Rex’s blog and check it out. It’s a fun post.

Let’s take a look at why it’s remarkable.


The first time I read this post I laughed out loud. It’s so great. Humor is not something you see a lot of in the hunting blogosphere, which is kind of sad. I’m a big fan of humor and laughter.

What takes this post to another level is the type of humor Rex uses. Normally humor comes from a hunting story when something funny happened, but in this case, Rex crafts the story entirely on his own.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize how tough it is to be funny and to make people laugh. I laugh when I read this post and it’s really great. (Jody is great at this as well).

This is another remarkable example of how anyone, including you, can take a common topic and put your own unique perspective on it.

Totally Unique

Imagine an outdoor blog post about Yetis and Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) and hunters hunting them and eating them. It’s so far out there yet it makes for a great blog post.

These fringe-types of posts always seem to catch the eyes of readers. People like seeing something different. As much as people dislike change I think they secretly like to be exposed to a little bit of something they aren’t comfortable with. We all have a natural curiosity – some a little more than others, but we all have it.

Rex obviously has a great imagination and used it to craft this great blog post.

He puts a great spin on the outdoor and hunting world.

Including others

One thing Rex mentioned to me was that he wanted to get others involved in his post. This is such a great idea and I encourage all of you to follow Rex’s advice and strategy. If you can figure out ways to make other people the stars of the show it’ll bring your own presence up.

If you can become selfless and promote others with your blog writing you’ll find success.

Rex used some of his blogging buddies in his story and it turned into a fun and entertaining blog posts. Plus all of his buddies got links back to their blogs (a big time plus).

As a result, people were naturally connected to the post. Readers naturally commented and added their funny bits. It was a great way to have fun and spark conversation.

The fact that Rex included everyone took this post to the remarkable level.


Rex’s blog is light hearted and he does a great job with humor and creativity. This post is a wonderful example of how you can be creative and attract lots of attention with a blog post. The only limit is your own imagination. Don’t be afraid to try new things even if the idea sounds ridiculous and crazy.

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