10 Non-Hunting Website Designs: Examples to Inspire Your Hunting Website

Does your site make a visual impact?

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People look for value on the Web.

It’s a given that a Website needs to provide something valuable, whether a valuable service or valuable content.

It’s just as important to have a creative, simple, and impactful Website design.

Most often for me, inspiration strikes in places I least expect it.

I enjoy cruising the Web in search of new topics. I search for sites that cover topics and niches I have never heard of before or never previously thought of as appealing.

My favorite place to find new ideas is Alltop.

Check it out when you get a chance.

In the meantime, here are…

10 Non-Hunting Website Designs: Examples to Inspire Your Hunting Website

1.  LewRockwell.com

The simplicity of this site’s design is what is appealing to me. The site provides valuable information in two forms (three if you count the link to the podcasts, which are amazing); daily articles in the center column and Twitter-like updates in the right column from the contributors.

Simple design. Simple functionality. Very effective.

Lew Rockwell

2.  Digital Photography School

This site recently went through a redesign. I am a big fan of the changes they’ve made. The color scheme is pleasant yet simple. It’s functional. And the entire site is organized so new and old readers can easily navigate.

Digital Photography School

3.  The National Football Post

I like The National Football Post…well because I love football and a few of the contributors happen to be formerly affiliated with my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. But I really like the way they set up the site. It’s a simple journalist form. There is a lot of black and white. It’s easy to read the articles and the organization of the newest and most popular articles is done well.

National Football Post

4.  Al Jazeera

This site continues to impress me. Not only have they utilized Creative Commons, but they have an impressive design. Simple, effective and well organized. The site utilizes photos well. Images are the focal points here. Short titles and descriptions give a brief intro to each article. And once you read an article it’s easy to read the text and navigate to various areas of the site.

Al Jazeera

5.  LL Bean

As far as E-Commerce sites go, it doesn’t get much better than LL Bean. Since the mid nineties this site has been at the top of awards lists. The simple white and green color scheme is pleasant to look at and the site is extremely functional. This is one company that successfully moved from print to Web.

LL Bean

6.  Mises.org

Mises.org is a great example of effective white space. The site’s contributors create immeasurable amounts of amazing content so it’s important for the site to be readable. The font is dark gray and easy to read even after many minutes of staring at your computer screen. The site offers many valuable books on .pdf so you’re likely to spend many hours reading. Thankfully, the site is well designed.

Ludwig von Mises

7.  Wine Library

Made famous by Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library and Wine Library TV are great examples of effective Web design. This is simply a really effective e-commerce Website. The left navigation is well organized. I’ve always been a big fan of an effective search bar and here the bar is located right in the top middle. The wine red color scheme is unique as well.

Wine Library TV

8.  Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a great site for writers. It’s an essential site for bloggers. What makes Copyblogger one of the best blogging sites (besides its amazing content) is its excellent design. The black/red/gray theme makes it easy to read. This site is all about reading the content and finding archived content. The three column design puts the articles in focus while the secondary columns hold valuable archives, ads, and more resources.


9.  Cool Material

I found this site on design.allopt.com (after all, what better place to find good design). At first glance I wasn’t sold on it. But after closer examination I realized that it made perfect sense. The site is for “What men really want”. I’m a man and I realize that the site is set in a bold black and white layout. The top nav has bold font. The organization is done well. It’s simple and functional; a great design concept.

Cool Material

10. OnTheFly.com

“Solutions for the Modern Gentlemen”. Another site I found on Alltop. I like to think of myself as a modern day gentleman so I was drawn to this site. I was pleasantly surprised by the layout and design. The top nav not only has title links (to the stuff I care about) that are easy to read, but there are also images. This is really cool and unique. Again, I love the simple black and white design.

On the Fly

Those are my favorite (for the moment anyway) non-hunting Websites.

Do you have any sites (hunting or non-hunting) that you find inspiring?

Please share in the comments.

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